Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quick Tiramisu

I learned about this delectable classic Italian dessert through the Gordon Ramsay Cookalong Live at Fox. It was aired around December of last year. I did not cookalong (no TV in the kitchen) but hubby forced me (with a shotgun in to become versed with the directions. He wanted to have those meals for our Christmas dinner. PSH. Our table will look so bare with just three courses! That didn't sit well with me but the kids were on his side. Ungrateful. LOL.

The show lasted only for an hour but Gordon was able to put together three scrumptious meals. The dude made it look so easy to prepare--particularly the Tiramisu. You just sift, whisk and mix the ingredients.

Note: I did not use Marsala, or sweet dessert wine but it still tasted heavenly :)

For the recipe go to

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